“Merry Christmas”--No Offense Intended

“Merry Christmas” to everyone, whether you’re Christian or not.  In the more “politically-correct” circles, we are often slammed by such a greeting or prohibited from public display to celebrate the true meaning of this holiday.  Ironically, this is smack-dab in the midst of outcries for more free speech for everything else, free speech as long as it doesn’t have Christian overtones.  Scenes of a baby and animals in a manger create more public outcry than foul language, exorbitant violence and sex regularly broadcasted on mass media of any form, including regular television.  I’ve continuously scratched my head until I’ve reached bone.

But the spirit of Christmas extends to everyone of any faith.  Christmas is a harbinger of “peace on earth” and “goodwill to men” (men, in those old days, meant humankind in general).  It oughtn’t be offensive when someone wishes one a “Merry Christmas.”  Personally, when I say “Merry Christmas,” I’m not trying to impose Christian faith upon another, but am honestly wishing a peaceful, joyous holiday season as well as a happy life.  I assume many people who offer this greeting have the same purpose in mind.  I wish this to anyone despite religious faith or lack of, despite ethnicity, color, race, creed or sexual preference.  When I say “Merry Christmas,” I honestly wish a merry time no matter how it’s celebrated.  And what could be so bad, so offensive, as that?  This is the epitome of tolerance and all-inclusiveness.

So “Merry Christmas” to the world out there, no matter how messed-up it is.  Yet it’s the messy world that challenges us and makes for more interesting living, and I daresay this is the way God intended it to be.  Merry Christmas indeed.

©Randall S. Fong, M.D.