Art and Imagination

Many patients ask about my nonmedical interests, and often I'll share something that has nothing to do with medicine.  And yes, besides my profession as a doctor and writing blog posts, I do have a life outside of medicine.

All of the artwork in this blog are my creations.  I believe the way I've fashioned these caters both to nonmedical laypeople as well as medical professionals, especially those still in training.  Likewise, the photos are all mine, many taken during actual surgery.  Art in this respect has a definitive purpose, but art is best when done for its own sake.

Art in its many forms--at least to my simple mind--is the creation of something from nothing.  Its liberating nature allows free expression, opening the mind to the sublime beauty around us and within each and everyone of us, no matter what our environment or conditions may be.  By activating the oft-neglected right side of the brain--responsible for our intuitive and imaginative nature, art complements the logical and analytical left brain.  And yet both sides are essential for a a well-rounded person, allowing for a fuller appreciation of the world around us and, for doctors, the patient in front of us.  Art is unique to humanity; it exemplifies the most noble aspects of our species and demonstrates the boundless potential for imagination and achievement, despite our flawed nature as human beings.  It allows doctors to appreciate the nuances of an individual that goes beyond the mere physical being sitting before us, reinforcing that every person is a vital part of a universal common good.  This in turn makes for better patient care.

Below are several pieces I’ve created in the hallowed sanctuary of my garage.  I admit some of the creations make little sense, appear absurd or even downright crazy.  But that’s the whole point.  Art's nonsensical nature frees one’s imagination and expands the fullness of life in all its glory.

The one above was inspired by Edouard Manet's painting entitled Spring.

The painting above was inspired by a trip to Maui for our honeymoon.  It hung in our daughter's bedroom for many years, since the day she was born.  Coincidentally, her favorite color is yellow. 

The above was purely random.  I titled it "The Study" for lack of anything better.   

Oil on canvas       36 x 24 inches       Randall S. Fong

If Andy Warhol could do it, so can I.  But I drew my Audreys.  Might lead to my "15 minutes of fame?"