Introduction: Medicine and Art and Adventure

    Welcome to my blog, a site covering a variety of medical topics, mainly related to my field of Otolaryngology (i.e., ear, nose and throat; head and neck surgery) and written in a very informal style to prevent unpleasant things such as boredom or dozing off.  So I’ve tried to make this entertaining as well as educational.  You’ll find unrelated topics scattered about--random side-bars, so to speak--reflecting upon ideas or experiences that might be serendipitously beneficial.  The artwork and photos are all mine; I’ll credit the source should I use something otherwise.  

     Being a doctor--and as with any other doctor whose advice is sought-- my intention for this site is to be helpful.  The source of happiness truly is a state of being where one is useful to another, and thus the reason for creating this blog.  But I must confess that I-- along with the other billions of human beings here on this earth--am imperfect by nature.  God created us all in his image but at the same time created us as floundering, mistake-prone individuals for reasons you and I will never know.  Having said that, as a fellow flawed human I must add this Disclaimer:

The information contained within has been provided for the purpose of supplying you with general information and is not a substitute for the services of medical or other professionals.   Please consult your physician or healthcare provider regarding your individual health and medical needs.  In other words, use common sense and don’t do anything stupid and harm yourself.  The author disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the information contained in this site.  So consult your doctor, your common-sense counsellor or other don’t-do-something-stupid specialists before embarking upon anything contained in this site.

     Sorry for this rude interruption but I had to make this very clear, not so much from a legal standpoint, but from a ground-rules perspective. You will find within this site, as is true with everything else in life, that you must take personal responsibility for everything you do.  This is one of the keys to a lifetime of success and happiness.  Never forget this.  Take ownership for your decisions and blame no one else for your actions.

     So the very first lesson is one of character: be responsible, admit your mistakes, celebrate your successes, and model the behavior you'd want others to emulate.

Randall S. Fong, MD


  1. Let me be the first to agree with your above statements! I especially agree with happiness coming from personal responsibility and modeling our behavior after God and virtuous people in our lives. Choosing our friends wisely has blessed our family immensely!

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